The Exchange

The Exchange is a 15,000 sq. ft. facility with variable lighting and a flexible floor plan. This rustic, but elegeant, event facility can accommodate up to 600 guests seated around tables or 950 people at a cocktail event. The building has four restrooms, a caterer's kitchen, green room, storage room, janitor's closet and mechanical room. The Exchange also has a house sound system and two 16' screens and projectors.
Monday - Thursday (8am - Midnight)
Monday - Thursday Business Rental (8am - 5pm)
Friday or Sunday (8am - Midnight)
Saturday (8am - Midnight)
Saturday-Sunday Combo
(8am - Midnight on Sat. for Event & 8am - noon on Sun. for Clean Up)
Full Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
(8am - Midnight each day)

Rental Fee


The Cavitt Caufield Center

The Cavitt Caufield Center is an 1,100 sq. ft. facility that can accommodate 65 guests seated at 60" round tables and up to 100 people for a cocktail event. The building has two restrooms, a refrigerator, countertop and storage closet. The Cavitt Caufield Center also has a 65" TV and sound system for presentations.
Monday - Thursday
Friday / Sunday
Full Day (8am - midnight)
Rental Fee
$50.00 per hour / 2-hour min
$75.00 per hour / 2-hour min
$75.00 per hour / 4-hour min

Security Personnel

Security is required for all events that have alcohol or host over 100 attendees.
2 Officer Minimum.

1 Officer per 100 people - Alcohol $50.00 per hour, per officer/ 4-hour min
1 Officer per 250 people - No Alcohol $50.00 per hour, per officer / 4-hour min

Additional Fees

Stage Rental
Charge per hour after 12AM Event Termination
Self-Serve Alcohol Service Fee
Banner Hanging on Portico
Linens (Black Linens Only)
Weathered Wood Backdrop
Planters/Troughs (Beverage Troughs)
Garden Arbor/Trellis
Decorations/Possessions Left Over Night
McGregor ISD
After Hours Attendant
Marque L-O-V-E Letters
Boxwood Hedge Wall
A/V Rental:Sound System, Projectors and Screens
Courtyard Seating Set Up
Courtyard Seating Tear Down
Late Fee
$350.00 per event
$300.00 per hour
$400.00 per event
$75.00 per labor hour
$9.00 per linen
$35.00 per day
$5.00 per stanchion
$25.00 per planter/trough
$25.00 per day
$100.00 min
25% Discount off the Rental Fee
50% Discount off the Rental Fee
$40.00 per hour/4-hour min
$100.00 per event
$150.00 per event
$150.00 per event
$200.00 per setup
$200.00 per tear down
$25.00 per month
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(254) 236-8400
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